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People start to heal the moment they feel heard

Cheryl Richardson

Welcome to Jane Justin Counselling

Do you need help with anxiety, panic, depression, anger or grief?  

As a psychotherapist I am committed to helping people learn to cope with the difficulties they may be facing. I see each client as a unique individual with their own unique history and circumstances.  I work with many people who are experiencing anxiety, depression, grief or related issues and I understand the devastating impact these feelings can have on our health and happiness. It is important to me to provide my clients with a supportive and non-judgmental environment where they can explore their feelings in safety. 



We can all struggle sometimes with the challenges we face in life. At times we may feel as if we are overwhelmed by our feelings of stress or sadness. We may constantly worry about what tomorrow will bring. Often we become isolated as we end up avoiding the places or situations that make us feel anxious or vulnerable. Persistent low mood can lead to exhaustion and a feeling that we just want to hide away from the world. All this can put strain on our relationships and can make it difficult to cope with the demands of our everyday life. 

Counselling can help us cope better with issues like Anxiety, Depression and Grief. Research shows that talking regularly about our thoughts and feelings can help with a wide range of mental health difficulties. Given the right environment and support I believe everyone has the ability to adapt and heal, even when faced with challenging and painful experiences. Counselling provides a safe place where you can be heard and supported without judgement. 

Jane Justin counsellor

If you would like to talk about how counselling may help please contact me on 086 8888583 or email

Appointments available in Newbridge, Celbridge and Portlaoise

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