The death of someone we love can cause us tremendous pain. These feelings are a natural and necessary part of the grieving process. However sometimes our feelings of grief can be intense and don't seem to lessen with the passage of time. They can begin to interfere with our ability to live a full and happy life. We may spend large amounts of time thinking about what we have lost. We can become focused on places or objects associated with our loved one. We may hold on to these or keep going back to look at or touch them as a way of keeping a sense of connection. Grief can often cause us to be unable to sleep or to eat properly. We may feel numb or detached and lose interest or enthusiasm for the world around us.  At times we can be overwhelmed by anger and may find ourselves snapping at friends or family. While grief is most often thought of as a response to losing someone we love, it can also be triggered by other loses in life. Loss of a relationship, a friendship, a job or a personal goal can also cause us to feel grief. 






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